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Extensive Plumtree family tree information also three comprehensive Plumtree name-list assembled by John Plumtree in the UK 

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Gently's log, is an account of a very brave 20 foot hood's skipper's journey north from
Sydney NSW to Port Douglas in northern Queensland.

  History of Vietnam War 1950 through to 1966 page, exposes many aspects of the early build-up and outrageous deployment of SEATO forces in
predominately Mahayana Vietnam.

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enjoy quick take on the nature of

Dualistic mind

Merely labelled;
mindfully trying to find self
or a truly existent “I” is quite impossible.
Our impermanent physical human form, is constantly changing, our toenails,
cells of form body are constantly changing, all are constantly under-going change, 
every aspect of our being is constantly changing.
Our thoughts, our memories constantly changing.

Some considered as an enemy, 
likely they are your best teachers...

I agree with Lama, we exist in interdependence,
we experience an ever changing interdependent cyclical.

The “I” (ego) we so often cling to, is actually a dilution.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche says:

In Buddhism, particularly in Mahayana Buddhism,
the best way of loving oneself is to pull out the root of all problems,
which is right in one's own heart:
the ego, the self-centred mind.
So, if one lets go of cherishing the I,
then it doesn't matter what situation one is experiencing,
the problem becomes non- existent.

Explanations can get really deep,
please take your time 
follow this link for further information:
Tibet links page

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Displeased New Zealand Army still refuses my right to a lawful discharge, army made dirt file, forged service records, lied to the courts...

Active link to: Major General J Mateparae document

Active link to: Dear Minister McCully document

Active link to: Dear Margaret Wilson Attorney General

Active link to: Dear Ombudsmen Littlewood

Active link to: Dear Attorney-General Christopher Finlayson

Active link to: Dear Governor-General, Commander-in-Chief of the NZ Armed Forces

Active link to: Notice of High Court of Appeal document

Active link to: New Zealand HUMAN RIGHTS REVIEW TRIBUNAL Decision No. 10 /02

Active link to: COMPLAINTS REVIEW TRIBUNAL Identifying document


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