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John PLUMTREE (b 1541) m Mawdlan ................. 1568 Fotherby She died 1616
They had the following children:
Generation 1
Elizabeth (b abt 1569) Steven (b 19 Sep 1571) Roose (b 22 May 1575) Johanna (b 14 Apr 1575) Henrie (b 29 May 1579) Alice (bp 29 Oct 1594 Xpofer (b 24 Dec 1581)
m 30 Nov 1588 Thos GRIME 12 May 1600 Eliz DONNAY m Robert BURKILL / BURKYT
Fotherby 25 Nov 1594 m James HENDERSON
Steven died abt Nov 1604

Generation 2
William (b24 Feb 1588/89) Fotherby Thomas (b 22 Jan 1602) Fotherby
Eliz/Ann ........ Eliz BAUGH
11 Jun 1621

William b 7 Oct 1630 Ludborough
Stephen b 1 Aug 1634 Ludboro bd 15 May 1637
Thomas b Apr 1637, Cottager
Stephen b 11 Apr 1643 Ludboro
Margaret b 6/25 Oct Burgh le Marsh
Stephen b 20 Aug 1671 Ludboro
Thomas b 6 Aug 1671 Ludboro
William b 6/7 Sep 1674 Ludboro(*) married Mary COLLINGWOOD 8 Jun 1697 N Somercotes -
John b 20 Aug 1676 Ludboro
Maria b 13 Nov 1678 Ludboro
Mary b 9 Aug 1681 Ludboro
Elizabeth b 5 jun 1682 Ludboro
Joseph b 20 Jul 1684 Ludboro

William Plumtree

7th June 1629

Bapt 1632 BWSH LE MARSH M 1665

William Plumtree M 1697
B 1666
N. Thorseby
D 1734 c

N Somercoles

Mary Collingwood

Mary BAPT 1667

Thomas BAPT 1669
N Thoresby

William Plumtree
B 1698 D 1780
N Somercoles

M 1744 / 45 c

D 1874
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George Plumtree
B 1744 D 1823

M 1768


Catherine Chapman
B 1745 c D 1821

BAPT 1768

BAPT 1771

George M 1803
BAPT 1774 D 1823

Anne Frith
B 1778 c D 1821

BAPT 1777

BAPT 1803

B 1805

William Plumtree M 1831
B 1807

Susanna Betis
B 1811 c

BAPT 1809

B 1811

George & Harriet
B 1820 Benniworth
D 1861 Tealby

B 1831 c

Bapt 1831

Bapt 1831

B 1832

B 1808

Bapt 1868

B 18??

B 1842
Married Eliz?





Joseph ?
B1858 c


Market Raser
RC Chapel


Edward M Maria Loiuse
1838 1866 Richardson
Tealby itcll B1846



Thomas believed to have been married twice. 1st marriage in London then moved to Kingston?













George Plumtree - M - Elizabeth Read
B18321 c Tealby! Hainton! 1858 ------B1831 Epworth
Torrington! Epncrth----------------D1917 Epnorth
D1908 Epworth

William Arthur
B1859 - D1906

Richard Read

Ann Elizabeth
B1863 - D1943

B1864 Epnorth
M - John Mackney

James Penrose
B1866 - D1922

George Herbert
B1871 - D1949


1.---M 1886 2. M Rosina Teden
To Louisa Cluff 1906
Hornsey D1954 Clerkenwell
2 sisters:





B1887 Hornsey

Mildred Read
-M- James Anning



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Oscar Davis -M- Edith
1918 Hornchurch
D 1968 Hornchurch





Peter Richard -M- Florence Esther May Geddes
B 1921 Hornchurch 1944 ---- B192? Glaegow




David Coulam UK, supplies the following information: 
James Plumtree was born at Asterby, near Louth, Lincs
in 1809. He married Maria who was born at Hemingby, near Horncastle, Lincs
in 1811. Elizabeth Plumtree, their daughter, was born at Donington-on-Bain,
near Louth, Lincs in 1828 and buried there in 1897. Elizabeth's daughter
Martha Plumtree was born at Donington-on-Bain in 1872 (she was brought up by
her grandparents James and Maria - presumably her mother was not married).
Martha married Jabez Atkinson from Donington-on-Bain and their children were
Annie Maria Plumtree (born 1889) and Eva Atkinson (born 1901). Annie Maria
married John Richard Hotchin (1889 to 9-10-1965) She died on 14th September
1978 and is buried at Donington-on-Bain. Martha Plumtree died 17/2/1920 aged
49 years.







Links to Research by
John PLUMTREE of Winchester, Hampshire, UK:

research by
John Plumtree Page1


research by
John Plumtree Page2


research by
John Plumtree Page3







New Zealand Plumtree family tree

Frank Shields Plumtree age 31 on the 2 July 1902
Alice Maria Edgecombe
Born 1875 Tynmouth Hamilton
Died 16 July 1922 New Plymouth New Zealand Ngaruawhia

Albert Francis Plumtree
B 1903 D 1928 Aged 25 6 May 1928
Killed in motorcycle accident


Frank Shields Plumtree @ age 31 years married May Rosina Sanders aged 24 years
Frank was born at Stratford 1875 and died 16 July 1922
May was born at Ngaire 23 June 1882 Died 22 March 1972 aged 89
Frank and May married 31 January 1907
May later married Bob ("Pop")
Cyril Henry Plumtree
B 1910 D 25 Sept 1987 aged 77
Harold Mervyn Plumtree
B 1912-D 1980 1 May aged 68
Darcy Raymond Plumtree
B 1915-D 1978 9 Sept aged 63
Jack Sellyn Plumtree
B 1916
M Phil Barraclough
B 1913-D 1986 19 Sept aged 73
M Phoebe Alma Kortze
B?-D 1972 11 April
M Gwen at Stafford 1940
D 25 Feb 1945, cancer aged 30
M Wavenly Eva Marten
24 Feb 1940 B 18 Feb 1920

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    Daughter Janine Gwen
B Aug 1944
    Darcy Plumtree married
Helen Ericleen
nee May, died aged 93 years
 Cambridge NZ, 26 March 2006
Frank Shields Plumtree
No children Robert Francis Plumtree
B 13 Dec 1945
Bruce Howard Plumtree
B 17 May 1945 (New Plymouth)
Peter Wakfield Plumtree
  Leslie Clive Plumtree
12 Dec 1946 (Cambridge)
Cheryl B 1941-D 4 June 1962
aged 19 years
  Helen Rae Plumtree
D 29 March 1995 cancer
Robert Francis Plumtree married 1968
Janet Dorthy Frolich New Zealand
1983 Merelyn Brender Saunders Australia
Rodney Michael Plumtree B 21 June 1969 ( South Auckland)
Lisa Gayle Plumtree 22 January 1971 ( South Auckland)
Hue David Plumtree 25 April 1984 (Killabakh NSW)
Shaun Thubten Ensa Plumtree 22 November 1987 (Killabakh NSW)

Looking at your family tree, I think there is a possibility we may be related, wrote Avril Field-Taylor:

My great-grandfather, William Plumtree lived at Legbourne Nr Louth, Lincolnshire with his wife Sarah, and his sons, John W, James E, and Martin Henry. In the 1901 census, William is given as being aged 47 last birthday, Sarah is 48, John is 14, James 12 and Martin 11.

Martin was my grandfather. He married Kate Frow who lived in Barnetby Le Wold, near Brigg. She was 9 in 1901. In 1916, Martin and Kate had my father, George Henry. My father was born in Benniworth, but the family moved a few miles to South Willingham, near Wragby. My mother, Gwen, who was born in London in 1916, came to South Willingham when she was 8 to recuperate from diphtheria. George and Gwen married on 7th October 1939 at South Willingham church.

Kate died in 1953 from, we think, bowel cancer, and Martin in July 1962 from a heart attack. George and Gwen had four children. David Alan, born in 1942, Martin Graham in 1946, Roy Terrence in 1947 and I Avril Judith in 1954. Sadly my father died in 1984 of heart disease, and my mother in 1996 from a heart attack.

Does any of this ring any bells with your researches? If so, it would be lovely to hear from you.


Avril Field-Taylor

Hull, UK



Ruth Saunders wrote:
My uncle, Charles Plumtree received a letter from you some time ago requesting information about our family tree. Charles Plumtree was born in a small place called Crieff, Ont, Canada on March 5, 1924 His father was Ernest Plumtree who was born in England on August 10 ,1883 Lodge Row Chapel Street Ilkeston U.S.D. The registration district on the form we have is Basford in the counties of Derby and Nottingham. He was registered as Ernest Cooper, with no name of father. His Mothers name was Jane Salt (lace mender). On your John Plumtree history name list on page 8, I found a James Plumtree & Charlotte Jane Salt and wondered if this could have been his parents, and his mother had married after he was born. From another source I have found a James married to a charlotte with sons Ernest, Isaac, Jane & Lucy. My uncle does remember his father Having a brother Isaac, and a brother Frank, and sisters Annie & Lucy, I think there could have been more children than that my grandparents were Ernest Plumtree and Mary Ellen Bellis. She was born June 20,1882 and died June 20,1960 my grandfather died on April 25, l972.

Ruth Saunders


Extract from Pauline’s mail:

Pauline Plumtree, now Ryan, and Edna Plumtree in Ontaria:

I have been researching my family’s background and I am searching for my grandfather whom I believe died in British Columbia. It appears you have done research on the Plumtree family and I am wondering if you came across my tree line.

My father was Frank Edward, one of three, Charles Henry and Marie Louise being his siblings. My grandfather was Charles Edward, born in 1881, married Louisa Mesnig in 1906, in Grimsby, England, then emigrated (without his wife and children) to Edmont, Alberta before dying in Vancouver in 1962.

His father was Henry Edward, born in 1857 and died in 1953, married Ruth Blanchard.

Charles Henry and my father died before Marie Louise (who was unmarried) and when I emptied out one of the closets in her house I came across many photographs (un-named and not dated) and postcards and other memorabilia, which stirred an interest in the family’s background - not discussed at all as we grew up. I started putting the puzzle pieces together and became more and more interested in our genealogy. I visited the cemeteries in Grimsby last summer and found more than I had anticipated.

I know Henry Edward had a brother William Henry and a sister Ann and maybe another sister Ruth. I would be most interested to know if you have any connections in your files.

Three girls in my family, myself Pauline B. 1943 also twins Olwen and Barbara b. 1948.

My Dad, Frank Edward b. 1913 married Joan Howard, b. 1916 in Hull! Frank had an older sister, Marie Louise b. 1907 - never married and a brother Charles Henry b. 1911 married Beryl Lumsden on Scotland.

Frank’s father - Charles Edward b. 1882 married Louise Mesnig b. 1881 both from Grimsby in 1906 His siblings, Ann b. 1880, William Henry b. 1884 and Ruth b. 1886 all in Grimsby. I don’t know whom any of them married.

Their father - Henry Edward b. 1857 in Ketsby married Ruth Blanchard b. 1859 of Kirmington in 1879. Henry had a brother Charles b. 1855 in Aswardby who married Elizabeth Bratley b. 1860 of Stallingborough, in 1882, and a sister Sarah Ann b. 1860 in Mablethrope who married James Rushby b. 1854 in East Ville, in 1878.

Sarah and James had three children, Elizabeth, William and James.

Charles and Elizabeth had 13 children!!!

Charles, Henry and Sarah’s parents, Elizabeth Ward b. 1833 in Binbrook who married in 1854 William Plumtree b. 1830 in Covenham St. Barts. William’s siblings - Eliza b. 1822, Charlotte b. 1824, died a year later, then Charlotte b. 1826, Sarah b. 1828, then came William, Maria b. 1833, John b. 1835, Charles b. 1838 and George b. 1840.

Their parents were Jane Rockliffe b. 1800 in Biscathorpe married in 1821 to Thomas Plumtree b. 1800 in Kelstern. Thomas was the youngest - John b. 1780, Mary b. 1781, Mary again b. 1790, John b. 1799. Now I have a problem with this line - explanation in a moment. Their parents were William Plumtree b. 1750 married in 1777 a Mary Hewitt b. 1755.

That’s as far as I got, all this latter information with the help of a lady in the Historical Group in Grimsby. BUT, last week I was researching in Grimsby and could not agree that all the children of William and Mary Hewitt did belong to those two. I came up with a couple more siblings and one set of birth dates was only two months apart AND not one of the birth entries gave me Mary’s last maiden name, they all just said born to William Plumtree and Mary AND only half of them were born in Salmonby, the others in Asterby, S. Elkington and Kelstern. I do know for sure my Thomas was born to Mary Hewitt, but exactly which of them were his siblings and not belonging to another William and Mary, I am not sure - to be investigated!

Laceby on my way to Leeds - my birth place, I called in to the village. By chance is talked with a couple of men putting up a flagpole and one told me to talk with Maggie Plumtree who is 102! My interest peaked and I found out she is 100% compus mentus, so I tracked her down with the help of another gentleman who rounded the corner just as we spoke. He had grown up next door to her all his life, so he took me to see her. It turned out she is the niece of my great grandfather - she is the Maggie Plumtree of Charles and Elizabeth, the last born, never married, never moved house, and her father was my great grandfather Henry. I barely had relevant questions for her so have since written to my “middle man” to find out more.

My contact in Grimsby is Eileen Emptage, 48 Lichfield Road, Great Grimsby, DN32 8 JZ. You may know of her already, but she has a link to the Plumtree's and did most of the research prior to 1830 where I had stopped - her husband’s family married into the Plumtree's as one of Maggie’s 12 other brothers and sisters.

My mother’s side all came from Hull, Almgills, and through various contacts I have that line back to 1550!

Bye for now.

Pauline Ryan


Dear Robert.

Thanks for forwarding to me the message from Anthony Plumtree of B.C. I will drop him a line to see if my grandfather whom I know died in Vancouver, was any relation of his.

I have been very successful lately in piecing together quite a large number of my grandfather's - Charles Edward Plumtree - family. Via the internet and a contact in Lincolnshire, I jumped over C.E. to his father, Henry Edward, and got to know more of his family. I met a niece of his, i.e. a cousin of Charles' was was 102 years old, the last of 13 children to Henry's brother. I visited her in Grimsby a month before she died. Since then, I was put in touch with another relation, who turns out to be my second cousin, and on a second visit to Lincs. with her, met her aunt who lived with my great grandfather. My second cousin, Hazel, took me round to various houses and churches and also supplied me with our family tree going right back to Steven Plumtree b. 1571.

According to Hazel she could go no further back, since no parents were mentioned on Steven's baptismal certificate, only that he was the nephew of John Plumtree of Fotherby and named in John's will of 1591 and married Elizabeth Donnay in 1600.

When I looked on your family tree, however, I see a Steven, also born the same date, 19 September 1571, as being the son of John, b. 1541. It must be the same person, and John was
Steven's father, not his uncle.

I can't quite follow your tree down, but I know Steven had two children, William, b. 24 Feb 1599, and Thomas b. 23 Jan. 1602. Thomas married Elizabeth Baugh in 1627 and they had three children, William, Steven and Thomas. I have the same information as you to that point. You then have a list of oher children it seems, then your tree goes off to William, with two children, Marie and Will, then I cannot make out who married whom and had which children.

My tree after the above three children, shows William, b. 1630 marrying Ann Eaton and having five children, Thomas, Steven, William, Mary and Elizabeth. I think, maybe, your line must have split away at this point, and probably you come down from the William under Generation 2, whereas I come from the Thomas line? Would this be the case?

I would really like to understand your tree a little better, so maybe at some time when you have a moment, you could decipher the boxes for me into a clearer formation. I could also fill you in better, should you wish, from the decedents of Steven which my 2nd cousin had discovered.

I visited Fotherby whilst in Lincs. in June. A tiny little village comprising the church, small and very old, and perhaps half a dozen houses in the one street and a few more farm houses scattered around. Now I have more information and dates, I propose to go back and visit with more time, all these birthplaces I have been collecting and search some graveyards there too.

This is all so much fun, but sooooooo time consuming, I feel I have become an addict to the cause, but am meeting great people along the way and now trying to fill in the social side to all the names.

Thanks again for including me in your correspondence,



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